Kenai Canoe Trail System
Kenai canoe trails.
With 120 miles of interconnecting lakes
and trails, this area is sometimes referred
to as the "Other Boundary waters".
For over 18 years Alaska canoe has
offered Canoes,equipment, and shuttle
service. Our Campground is located on the
Sterling Hwy at mile post 84. This is just
1/2 mile from the Swanson river road and
the Kenai Wildlife Refuge boundary.
Alaska Canoe caters to those that travel
into the system. We offer Showers,
Laundry and great tent sites at our location
so you can prepare for your trip, or relax
and clean up when you return.
Our Canoe and Kayak rental fleet is
designed to offer different types of boats
for your needs. We carry an average of 36
canoes and Kayaks.
Canoe people are wonderful people and
that makes our job a pleasure.
we would love to help plan your next
adventure into the Kenai Wildlife Refuge
Canoe system.
If just for a half day or a week long trek, we
would love to be a part of  your experience.
We offer shuttle services out to the system
whether you use our canoes, or use yours.
over the years we have developed
some wonderful friendships. It would be our
hope that you feel free to call us or email us
for any questions about canoeing,
Kayaking Rafting, Fishing, mountain
biking, and camping.
Please take a moment to fill
out the contact tool below.
For more information, or to
secure a reservation.
Alaska Canoe & Campground
35292 Sterling Hwy
Sterling Alaska 99672
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