Kenai River Shuttle Services

Shuttle services for the Kenai River We are
fully Licensed and insured .  From our
location at mile post 84 Sterling hwy.  We
can drop you off pick you up. using your own
vehicle or ours. River guides and others with
Drift boats and
rafts needing a drop off from
Skilak lake and their vehicle waiting for them
at the prefered take out spots.
You name it we will shuttle it.
Just call us and we can meet you at your
drop off point, or shuttle you back to your
vehicle when you arrive at your river
destination. If you need an early morning
shuttle, you need to call the night before, so
we can be prepared.
here are some of the most popular shuttles.

Skilak lake to Bings
Using our vehicle meeting you at Skilak
and dropping your vehicle off at Bings or
Moose river.
If we can send a driver with you to Skilak and
he drives your vehicle back to Bings or

Moose River to Swift Water
Using our vehicle meeting you at Moose river
and dropping your vehicle off at
Swift Water Park. or Centenial park
$50.00 if you take out at the pillars.

(This includes the $10 city parks launch fee)

shuttle services.  this is a much better deal
than a
(Taxi, where they charge $1.95 per
mile, plus a $2.50 flag drop fee.)
we are keeping our rates at $1.50 per mile or
less on set shuttles.

Kenai lake = 70 miles
Sportsman landing = 56 miles
Jims Landing = 46 miles
Skilak lake lower launch = 24 miles
Bings landing = 8 miles
Moose river $10 minimum
Smiley Rock $10 minimum
Morgans landing $10.00
Swift water = 26 miles
Centenial = 26 miles
Pillars = 28 miles
Eagle Rock = 30 miles
Cunningham Park 44 miles
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