Alaska Canoe & Campground
Equipment rentals
Fishing tackle

Fishing poles  $5.00 per day $30.00 per week
Fishing nets     $4.00 per day $24.00 per week

Tackle box, Includes a variety of  lures, weights, Flies,
swivels, etc. Depending on what type of fishing you are
doing. The box rents for $4.00 per day, $24.00 per week  
and you must replace any tackle you lose.

Camping Gear
Packpacking tents 2 man to 4 man $6.00 per day $36.00
Base camp tents 4 man to 6 man $8.00 per day $48.00 wk.
Sleeping bags wth liner from  $5.00 per day $30.00 per
Sleeping pad $3.00 per day $18.00 per wk.
Cot $3.00 per day $18.00 per wk.
Stoves propane or gas. $4.00 per day $24.00 per wk
you must purchase your own fuel.
Cook sets include post pans utencils kitchen stuff.
$4.00 per day $24.00 per wk.
Water purifiers $4.00 per day $24.00 per week
Lanterns $4.00 per day $24.00 per week.
Camp Chairs $3.00 per day $18.00 per week

We also have hatchets, saws, shovels, and about anthing
else you can imagine you may want or need.

Water craft equipment

Dry bags backpack sizes $4.00 per day $24.00 per week
Dry bag stuff sack sizes $2.00 per day $12.00 per week
Break up boots $3.00 per day $18.00 per week
Paddles extra $3.00 per day $18.00 per week
Life vests $2.00 per day $12.00 per  week
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