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Kenai Kings
Fishing the Kenai is a world class experience.
No other river in the world has delivered more records
for Salmon than the Kenai.
Les Anderson landed the Current
World record king. It weighed in at
97 lbs 4 oz. Every season brings
new hope from many anglers that
they can top that record.
Fishing with a guide from a boat
offers the best chance at catching
A Kenai King, and we have great
guides for just that.
Our River Guide Bob Estes
will fish you for either 1/2 day ( 6 hrs) or you can even
book a  full day 4 people maximum per trip.
Rates start at $225.00 per person. For the 6  hour
fishing trips.
Calling ahead will ensure you can get booked
on this fishing trip. King Season starts in
May and runs to the last day of July.
Make sure you book this trip asap.

4 species of Salmon call the Kenai river home
Kings, Sockeye, Pinks, Silvers.
Huge runs of Sockeye salmon also called "Reds".
Have made the Kenai a most popular fishing
experience. You fish for Sockeye along the shore line
using a fly. This fishing takes a little practice,but once
you find the technique, it is really fun and great sport.
Pink salmon come to the kenai on even years, so we
will see them in 2008 and 2010.
Silvers show up in late August and make for some of
the best fishing In all of Alaska. Very acrobatic and
exciting fish to catch.. And by the way, all Salmon are
most wonderful table fare.
Come enjoy the fishing seasons with us.
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