Half Day Canoe trips
With Alaska Canoe & Campground
Just getting out on the water is a great experience, and In Alaska, it is an Awesome experience. Pristine lakes
where you can see deep into the crystal clear water. Share these lakes and rivers with great wildlife, like our
famous singing loons, Giant Trumpeter  Swans, Ducks of every kind, watch a Bald Eagle soar over head, look
for Moose wading along the shore line, you may see Beaver, Otter, and most every kind of Animal Alaska has
to offer.
Kenai Wildlife Refuge is our backyard. with over a thousand lakes to explore. For those wanting a few
hours or a full day, we have lots of options. Here are a few of those options.

Dolly Varden Lake.
This beautiful lake is located about 14 miles down Swanson river road, and well into the heart of the
Wildlife Refuge.
The road is gravel, but well maintained, and car friendly.
We can help you put a Canoe on top of your car or Motorhome using our car top carriers. No worries about
damage to your car. We have put these on thousands of cars over the years with never any problems.
Or if you desire, we can shuttle you to this lake, and come back and pick you up later in day as you arrange.
This lake has a nice picnic area, and drinking water hand pumps.
Also on this lake is one of the new Public use cabins. You will need to paddle to the far end of the lake to
access the cabin about 3/4  of a mile.  This cabin can be reserved for use by anyone. The Kenai Wildlife
refuge can take reservations over the phone or email them if you decide you would like to stay overnight. ( We
have all the camping gear you will need for an overnight stay)
Loons, Ducks, Swans, Moose, Eagles, Fish, Beaver, Muskrat, lynx,Black Bear, and Brown bear, and many
different species of Birds have been viewed at Dolly Varden Lake.
Cost for 2 people,  1 light weight canoe, paddles, lifevest, car top carrier for a half day is $40 total. if you desire
a shuttle add $60  so the total will be $100 dollars. If you would like a guided 4 hour trip add $125.00 for our
Canoe guide. total would be $260.00
Add $40 for every extra canoe.

West Entrance.
The West Entrance is part of the Kenai canoe trails system.  The  jumping off point for many people heading
deep into the interconnecting lakes and trails of the Swan Lake route.
We suggest for those wanting a half day experience to concentrate their energy on the first 3 lakes in the trail
system, and two other lakes near by that seldom get visited. These lakes are Water fowl lake, and Sucker
Lake. This is a great way to get out and see Alaska in a wilderness setting. All of these lakes are good fishing,
and have good animal viewing opportunities. Loons, Swans, Ducks, Bald Eagles, Moose, Beaver, Muskrat,
lynx, Black Bear, Brown bear and many species of Birds.
Take Swanson river road to the Swan lake turnoff and then to the West Entrance trail head. Total miles from
our campground is 23 miles one way on improved Gravel road.
Cost for 2 people and 1 light weight canoe, paddles, lifevest, car top carrier for a half day is $45 total. If you
desire a Shuttle add $110 for a total of $120.00 , If you would like a guided trip for 4 to 6 hours, add $125.00
for a total of $275.00
Add $40.00 for every extra canoe.

Skilak Lake to Bings Landing on the Kenai River.
Now this is our most popular float for half day trips. Starting at the Glacial Blue waters of Skilak lake Lower
campground, you will paddle your canoe across the lake 1 mile and then begin your easy  12 mile flat water
float down the Kenai River. You will canoe past Ancient Native Fish grounds. At certain times of the year,
hundreds of thousands of Sockeye Salmon come here each year to Spawn. Rainbow Trout and Dolly Varden
are also in abundance, King Salmon, Pink Salmon and Silver Salmon also can be seen and caught if you
desire to fish. Wildlife such as Moose, Loons, Trumpeter Swans, Ducks of all kinds, Nests of Bald Eagles, and
sometime Bear can be seen along this route. Because The Kenai river is a Navigable River, you may see
power boats along the way fishing. This is a great trip for those that want to see and be a part of the Kenai
river. you will end your trip of 13 miles from your starting point of Skilak Lake to Bings Landing.
Beware that
below Bings landing is naptown Rapids and is Not good for canoeing.
We will meet you at Bings when
you arrive and shuttle you back to our campground, and your vehicle.
For 2 people and 1 canoe with shuttle to Skilak and pickup at Bings Landing is $100.00
If you want a guide for this 4 to 6 hour trip, total price is $260.00.
Add $40.00 for every extra canoe.

Scout Lake.
This lake is just a Half mile from our Campground location. It is a great place to just spend a few hours
paddling a canoe and enjoying the water.  really nice beaches on the East and  West ends of the lake are a
favorite for kids to swim and play. Locals enjoy this nice lake and we recommend this lake to those that want to
practice their canoeing skills before venturing off to more remote places. Our guide will be happy to work with
those that would like instruction on canoeing skills. This is a perfect place and way to get aquanted with
canoeing. Our Children love to spend water time at this lake, and I am sure you will love it too. Canoes rent for
$40 for a half day and Shuttle service is $10.00, or take the canoe your self with one of our Car top carriers.
Guided instruction for this experience is $30.00 per hour.

Secret Lake.
What is the Secret about Secret Lake?  Well, Its just our Secret. Yes, you will have this jewel all to your self.  I
found this lake many years ago while hiking into the Kenai Wildlife Refuge. I found no trail to the lake back
then, and when I first saw this lake with the great landscape of the Kenai Mountains in the backdrop, the call of
the Loons  on the water, and the Eagle soaring overhead, the Moose and the Trumpeter Swans. I knew I had
stumbled on to a Secret Jewel. For a year or so I bushwacked my way to this lake to fish and explore, and then
one day I found an ancient trail leading me from the road to the lake the trail had long been lost and was
covered with down timber and brush . We cleaned up this old trail using hand saws and axe, as Power tools
and chainsaws are against the Refuge laws. Now the Two mile Hike into the lake is much nicer taking about
an hour or less to walk in, but I kept the entrance to the Old trail hidden from sight, so as to keep the lake more
to myself, and keep it as my secret. We do not tell local Alaskans of this place, so we can keep it as a hidden
and very secluded secret for our out of state guests.
We call this a half day trip, but you will need about 6 hours minimum to really enjoy this place. One of you  will
need to be able to carry on a backpack an inflatable canoe. Weighing about 35 to 40 lbs. The 2 mile hike into
the lake is through birch and spruce forest.  This is a guided trip and is designed for those people that want a
truly Wilderness experience.
Paddle the lake and  you may see Loons, Eagles, Swans, River Otter, Beaver, Muskrat, Ducks, shore birds,
Arctic Terns, Moose, Lynx, and bear.
I love to fish this lake as I have caught some very respectable Rainbows and Dolly Varden  from its deep cool
This trip is for groups of 2 or more.
2 people and guide will cost $60.00 for inflatable canoes, $50.00 shuttle and $250.00 for the guide for 6 hours.
total for two is $360.00. Add $60 for every 2 persons extra for this trip.
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