TurMax Alaskan Smoker
TurMax Smokers have developed a
break through method of Smoking and
cooking fish, meats & poultry in almost
no time. Our smokers are designed to fit
in the trunk of your car in your RV.
Perfect for camping,BBQ's,tailgate
parties or the beach. Not only does it
smoke foods to perfection the TurMax
Smoker cooker can bake and roast.
Made of beautiful stainless steel. Easy
to clean and always looks great.
what sets the TurMax Alaskan Smoker
apart from other smokers? Most smokers
use temperatures below 200 degree's,
and rely on hours of circulated smoke to
dry and help cure the meat. This method
dries out the meat and creates chewy
tough jerky products. The TurMax
Smoker traps heat and smoke in an air
tight oven. This creates a dutch oven
effect. Smoke flavor is regulated by the
amount of wood chips added to the
oven. The higher temperature generated
in the Smoker and its dutch oven design
provides the perfect balance of smoke
and heat for healthy moist
mouthwatering smoked and cooked
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